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5 Strategies for CyberSafety – Council vs Citizen

Both council members and citizens encounter similar challenges in terms of cybersecurity. Let’s explore five tactics for maintaining cybersecurity and how they apply to each group.

Free Cybersecurity Education Resources

Just like the big cities, our small communities need to educate their employees and citizens about the threats to cybersecurity. Unfortunately, they don’t have nearly the same budget. Here are some free and low-cost educational materials for small municipalities and … Read MoreRead More

Cyber Security Awareness Month: Municipal Proclamation Template

Congratulations! Your councilpersons/judges/alderman have gotten the message and want to help promote cyber security in your community, so what now? … Read More

MS Follina Vulnerability – A DIY Approach

As you are probably aware, on May 30 Microsoft issued CVE-2022-30190 regarding a vulnerability in the Microsoft Support Diagnostics Tool. This vulnerability carries a base score of 7.8 (HIGH) and the risk for businesses and governments is rated HIGH, regardless of … Read More